Visitors Policy

Visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY!! We take visitors who make an appointment and are ready to get a dog or puppy. We do not allow visitors to just come and look and dogs and play with puppies. If you are not ready to purchase at this time, please do not make an appointment. We are a busy working farm family and time is very precious. We are happy to talk with you if you have any questions. Also, this is our home as well as working farm and time spent with visitors is time not spent caring for all our animals, and our family. Raising pups is a 24/7 job if done correctly, and we want you to have the best possible pup to enjoy when you take it home. We appreciate your understanding.

Feel free to email us anytime with any questions you may have.

Come at your appointed time. Please do not be late and be courteous of our time.

We do not have a public restroom at this time.

We do not allow visits with the puppies until they are 8 weeks old.

The reasons for this is as follows:

Puppies immune systems are very fragile, just like a human baby. They need to time to build up their immunity before going to new homes. We take everything in our power to protect them, and make sure that you take home a happy, healthy puppy, which requires our full attention.